We love the art of creation.

Our passion is listening to clients ideas, thinking through solutions and coming up with creative Solution. Most Importantly, we keep it simple. Minakshi Tech is a old established company, Our reliable team has a combined 40+ years experience which adds value to every step of the process involved in producing signs of excellence for our clients. We employ a highly skilled management team and workforce who have over 40 years’ experience in Onsite vessel building & Repair at client shipyard or Dry dock, our team is very comfortable and well experienced with the modern facilities & equipment for onsite working. Our team of  site engineers and supervision , management and workforce to work closely with clients throughout the working & planning, build and delivery process to ensure high final product satisfaction & quality. 

We focus on our skills.


Our certified electricians and mechanic team are capable of complete and complex installation of power generators and Engine works, Complete electrical and mechanical works that determine needed repairs, modifications, rewiring or upgrades are one of the many services we provide.


Our Piping and outfitting team have well experience in marine pipe lines for all onboard ship applications.
On minimum pipe schedule in mild to stainless steel and others pipe material specifications.
Fuel Oil System & Main Engine Lines
High Pressure Hydraulic System
Main Deck & Pump Room System
Fresh water & Fire Fighting Lines


Our Steel Fitting team fully capable of handling any type of hull works critical confined structural works on dockyard or surface to super structure from fabrication, installations and new build or repair.Welding and Quality Control Section provides qualified welders skilled in processes of SMAW, GTAW and MIG at required positions.

We know our core strengths, stick to our guns and hone our skills. Most Importantly, we stay focused.


Do risk assessment
Plan & Implement


Why believe that we are the right partner for you? • We are committed to the result. • We offer 24/7/365 reliability and efficiency. • We know the actual role of the workmanship in shipbuilding and ship repair work. • We are capable to offer solutions through economies of scale and synergies we create. • We offer value-added services covering the entire shipbuilding & ship repair work.  • We prepare actions to optimize energy savings. • We try to optimize planning and coordination to deliver job in time frame/before.


Risk Free Working Team

Safety is the first priority on any well managed worksite. As you know we do our job at client place as we are onsite service provider for us its two-stage safety process one from client side and our own safety team. We put safety first on every job which our workforce team going to execute. Unsafe scaffolding & fire has been on OSHA’s top ten list of violations for nearly a decade. By its very nature scaffolding & fire can be very dangerous. our scaffolding & Firefighting Safety team do verification and validation first, then do risk assessment than minimize the risk factors as much as possible, taking all preventive majors to carry out the allotted work. It’s about experience and it’s also about a deep respect for the safety of the workforce.

Our Safety team has both.

Quality & Sustainability

Our skill in minakshi tech and our reliability to deliver is what sets us apart from others. For over 20 years we have been servicing our clients in globally and we honour our commitment to our valued customers who choose to come to us for our expertise. We have a simple philosophy... make sure we have delivered our job to the best of our experience to create our edge of excellence and to ensure that our customers are thrilled with the result. This simple philosophy has never let our clients down. It’s not complicated, it’s a simple truth of standing by the quality of work we produce from planning to installation, our quality workmanship is in our experienced people, which lives in our passion to the best. We believe in what we do and apply a simple structure to confirm our ability to produce signs of excellence.

Economical & Flexible Price

Always looking for the best possible deal? No problem with minakshi tech. We will always offer you the lowest price on the market. We will beat/match every price offered to you by any other agency or any other operator. Minakshi Tech guarantees you the lowest price and you will still enjoy the excellent service we offer. That is a Minakshi Tech guarantee! Please check and compare the Quotation on minakshi tech. After you have made a decision on where you want to go feel free to check the prices of our competitors for the same Quotation technical data. In case you find the same quotation technical data for a lower price somewhere else please we request you to forward it to us. We will match/beat this price!

To offer you a best price is our guarantee

customer satisfaction is our highest priority

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